Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Tips For Losing Weight After Pregnancy

It’s only natural that women will retain a bit of weight after pregnancy. Losing weight after pregnancy might feel like a daunting task for you. But there are many things you can do as soon as six weeks after pregnancy (provided your doctor has given you the go-ahead).

Losing Weight After PregnancyKeep Breastfeeding

While women who breastfeed do tend to keep on a few extra pounds as the body makes sure you have enough stores to be able to produce milk, as soon as your baby starts to transition toward solids, you’ll start to lose weight naturally.

Many women who breastfeed lose their baby weight faster than those who don’t. Why? Because producing milk burns approximately 500 calories a day. It’s not easy to burn that many calories with exercise! Not every woman will breastfeed and many can’t breastfeed for a year after giving birth but if you can do it, it can benefit your baby and your own waistline, too.

Smaller Portions

Did you enjoy eating for two? Those habits might have stuck with you even though baby has been born. Try lowering your portions. Be sure not to starve yourself as you need your strength but consider counting your calories.

Drink More Water

Have you got into the habit of drinking calories with pregnancy? Drinking plenty of milk and juice can become habit forming. Water has zero calories and revs up your metabolism as well as aids in the digestion process.

Strollercise and WalkingStrollercise and other Mum & Baby Classes

There are great exercise classes that can help Mums with losing weight after pregnancy. Using baby as a weight as well as using the baby’s stroller / pram can help.

Daily Walks

Making an effort to get out daily with baby to get fresh air for you both will quickly add up to calories burned and fat lost. Walking is one of the easiest ways of losing weight after pregnancy.

Join the Gym, Exercise, & Take Supplements

Of course joining the gym, starting a diet, or taking supplements seems to be the obvious. But many new mothers don’t invest the time in themselves because they feel like they need to spend every moment with their baby.

If you dedicate all your time to baby, you might not have the easiest time losing weight after pregnancy. Taking an hour 3-4 times a week to do something for yourself will help you get back to your pre-baby weight (or even better!) and will give you some much needed and (likely) much deserved “me” time.

Perhaps Dad can watch the baby while you get some time to take classes and workout. Or, if like most new Dads, he has put on a few sympathy kgs, too, perhaps you can join the gym together. Some fitness clubs even offer child care.

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