Natural Weight Loss

Natural Weight Loss – Food Alternatives

There are some natural weight loss foods that can help you lose weight. Read on for some tips to choose natural weight loss food alternatives that can help you achieve your weight loss goals.. naturally!

Incorporating weight loss foods into your diet is a good way to naturally lose weight. Many will rev up your metabolism. Some are high satiety foods that will keep you full for longer. Adding the below natural, healthy weight loss foods to your regular diet will result in a natural weight deficit fairly quickly.


Natural Weight Loss

Most soups are natural weight loss aids. Why? They have volume, which can help you feel full and they can have great nutrient and fibre levels.

Some soups have high sodium and of course you shouldn’t indulge in cream based soups if you are trying to lose weight but healthy soups will fill you up and help you slim down. If you want a creamy soup once in a while, try making it with skim milk and a bit of low fat cheese.


Fresh Vegetables

Vegetables are filled with nutrients and health benefits and they fill you up as well. Fill half your plate with vegetables and eat a variety of them prepared a variety of ways and you’ll experience natural weight loss. Aiming for five or more servings of vegetables a day will add up.

Tip: If you love crunchy snacks at night, opt for a platter of colourful raw vegetables instead of salty snacks. It can help fill you up and be a guilt free way to snack in the evenings.

Fresh FruitFruits

A number of fruits are known for helping you lose weight. Grapefruit is a known metabolism booster. Bananas and apples are fantastic weight loss aids.

Eat fruit when you’ve got a sweet tooth instead of reaching for cookies or other baked goods. Eating a bowlful of some frozen grapes can be a great sweet tooth cure as well.

Tip: Make a fruit smoothie for a great snack that’s nutritious, filling, and tastes as good as a milkshake without all the calories and fat.


Low fat milk and yogurt on a daily basis can be great for your health and for your diet.


Choosing leaner meats isn’t always easy but can be done. Substitute ground turkey for ground beef, in your chili or meatballs, a chicken breast that’s grilled for one that’s breaded, and make your meat servings smaller to start seeing natural weight loss benefits.

Believe it or not, healthier eating can be habit forming. A bit of effort in tweaking your eating habits can result in natural weight loss faster than you might expect.

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  1. At personal fitness training centers, trainers always mention changing your eating habits and introducing healthier food. These alternatives you mentioned are mostly what they were talking about. Nobody said losing weight meant not eating vegetables and fruits, they are always included in a person’s diet. What matters is to mix them together with other recommended foods for maximum efficiency.

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