Fast Ways To Lose Weight

6 Fast Ways to Lose Weight

Need to lose weight fast? Whether it’s a few pounds you need to lose or you want to jump start your weight loss efforts because you’ve got a long road ahead, here are 6 fast ways to lose weight.

Stop Drinking Calories

Fast Ways To Lose WeightInstead of calorie laden beverages, only drink water and unsweetened green tea without milk. This can help you cut hundreds of calories a day. Many people who cut carbonated beverages or their favourite iced cappuccino found that they lost weight without trying.

Lose the Condiments

When you count your calories, are you counting the condiments? Mayo, ketchup, barbeque sauce, butter, ranch dressing, or other dipping sauces.. they add up fast. Even a little can add hundreds of calories to a meal. Switch to a salad spritzer, start measuring how much butter you use, and switch from mayo to mustard and you could see a difference.

Temporarily Drop the Carbs

We need carbs. But one of the fast ways to lose weight is to temporarily cut out as many carbs as possible. You can slowly introduce them back to your diet after you’ve started seeing results.

Many diets have an induction period that jump starts your weight loss efforts. Ban bread and pasta and potatoes for 2 weeks and see how much weight you lose.

Exercise Daily

Even adding a 30 minute walk to your routine will add up. Join a team sport or take an aerobics or kickboxing class and you could see dramatic weight loss quickly.

Get More Sleep

You burn calories in your sleep. And, going to bed earlier at night drastically reduces the time you’re up eating food you won’t have time to burn. If you are bad for afternoon snacking and can swing a siesta instead, this could help you, too.

Take Meal Replacement Supplements

There are many meal replacement supplements on the market. Many shakes will fill you up fast, give you needed energy, and will only have a small amount of calories. Some plans suggest a breakfast shake, a lunch shake, and a healthful evening meal. Many who follow this type of plan have double digit weight loss in just a month.

Small Diet and Habit Changes Can Add Up

There are many fast ways to lose weight. Once you start investigating various options you’ll see that a few habit changes could add up for you and help you get closer to your weight loss goals.

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