Butt Exercises for Great Glutes

Butt Exercises for Great Glutes

Great glutes can be yours with some effort. Here are some great butt exercises to help you get the shapely “buns of steel” you’re hoping for..


Squats are butt exercises that do a great job of sculpting your rear end. When you do a squat you engage your sit muscles but don’t actually sit down. You can engage your muscles by doing reps of squats and also by slowing down every time you get ready to sit down throughout your day. Hold for five seconds before sitting and you’ll feel it in your behind.

Butt ExercisesFor extra intensity, do squats with a resistance band in your hands and anchored under your feet or do squats while holding dumbbells, too. Another great squat exercise is to do jumping squats.


Riding a stationary bike, going to spin class, or riding your bike outdoors will all help you tone your butt. Exercises in the pool that involve pedaling motions will help as well.


Hiking is great for your glutes because you’ll be walking up and down hilly terrain and working your butt. Exercises that are varied such as hiking, are much more effective than walking on even terrain.

Kick Boxing

Kick boxing is a high energy way of exercising butt muscles, legs, and your whole body, really. This is cardio with a kick! Kick boxing can be excellent as a weight loss method and for toning and strengthening.


Rebounders are mini trampolines and the jumping motion can do great things for reducing the size of and tightening your gluteus maximus.

Step Classes and Step Climber or Elliptical

Stepping up and down with a platform can be a fun class to take and stepping can do great things for your butt. Exercise that requires any sort of climbing can help you get your butt in great shape.

Taking the stairs is a great idea, too, as often as possible. If you work or live in a high rise building, try to avoid taking the elevator wherever possible. Instead of spending all your gym time on the treadmill, consider using the elliptical and stair climbers, too, as they’ll do great things for your lower body.

Bottom line..

If you want a shapely bottom, there are dozens of different exercises you can work into your routine to help you reach your goals. Don’t focus on the leg exercises and butt exercises alone. Spot reducing doesn’t really work. Exercise your whole body and you will see a difference in how your butt looks.

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