Leg Exercises For Women

Leg Exercises For Women

Men and women don’t always look for the same leg exercises to do. Many people think they need a gender specific set of exercises for their legs because they have different goals. Men and women don’t necessarily have the same goals for their desired outcome for their legs.. and leg exercises for women tend to be in an effort to tone the legs, hips, and butt as well as lower abs. Men often look for bulk and muscle while women look for leaner, tight (and maybe even sexy) legs.

If you’re a woman who is worried you will do generic leg exercises and wind up with legs like Conan the Barbarian, this is very unlikely to happen. Most exercises for men’s legs can be used as leg exercises for women, too, probably with less weight or resistance.

Tone and Strengthen

Leg Exercises For WomenStrength training is the fastest way to get toned legs as strength training exercises can help you burn fat fast. A woman’s body composition is such that it would take a heck of a lot of serious training for her legs to look anything like a muscular man’s legs. Doing leg exercises, for women and for men will result in toning, building of muscle, and burning of fat. You can do leg exercises with and without weights but don’t be afraid to use weights, even if you are female and want to have a small and slender build.

Walking Lunges and Squats with Dumbbells

Lunges are great leg exercises for women. Squats are great leg exercises for women, too. Add dumbbells and you’ll intensify the workout. Starting with 1 pound weights is a great start.

Kick Boxing

If you want a cardio workout for your legs with a “kick”, Kick boxing benefits for women are numerous. This total body workout does great things for toning your legs. Taking a kick boxing class could be great for building power in your legs and your whole body as well as for increasing your flexibility and range of motion.

Heel Raises

Heel raises really strengthen and tone your legs, especially your calves. All you have to do is raise up onto your tiptoes. Hold for a few seconds and then flatten your feet. Repeat. When you’re ready to take heel raises to the next level, do it on the stairs. Stand backwards on the stairs and back up so the ball of your foot is on the edge and your heel is hanging off the edge of the step. Do heel raises on the steps and you’ll really start to feel it in your legs!

Treadmill on an Incline

Walk on your treadmill on an incline. Try going higher on the scale every few minutes and vary your workout intensity for intervals of higher speeds and inclines, balanced with lower speeds, too. This will keep things more interesting on the treadmill and help you see faster results in your legs.

Walk Uphill

Get off the treadmill and walk uphill. Try walking backwards (being wary of traffic of course) for great leg results, especially in the buns!

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