Counting Calories To Lose Weight

Counting Calories to Lose Weight

If you’re wanting to slim down, counting calories to lose weight can be very effective. It can help you lose weight as well as help you be much more aware of everything you eat. If you were to track your daily caloric intake against your suggested caloric intake levels, you would probably be surprised.

Counting Calories To Lose Weight

Tips For Counting Calories To Lose Weight

  • Measure your portions. Some food labeling can be a bit tricky. You’ll see on a bagel, for instance, that some count a service as half a bagel. Don’t just look at the calorie number. Look at the serving size, too.
  • Don’t forget condiments. If you track a roast beef dinner, don’t forget the gravy and the butter. If you’re having a sandwich and you put mayo on it, make sure you measure the mayo and remember to look at the serving size as well.
  • Count your beverages, too. You might be surprised that a can of carbonated soft drink beverage could contain 150 or more calories. You’ll also be surprised at the high number of calories in your favourite designer coffee, once you’ve added your milk, sugar, and your whipped cream.
  • Know what your target calorie intake should be. Not all people should have the same amount. Consult a calorie counting calculator that will tell you how many calories you need. Men need more than women. Sedentary people have different requirements from active people.
  • Make your calories count. A large number of calories could come from a small snack that doesn’t fill you up. A low number of calories could come from high satiety and nutritious healthy snacks that will help you feel full longer and result in less fat stored, etc.
  • Many calorie counters will also help you track nutrition, which is smart. This can help you track calories from fat, calories from carbs, % of protein.
  • Counting calories to lose weight can also be done to track exercise for calories expended. Some calorie counters will also let you use exercise as a deficit to help you reach a specific goal. This can be ideal for maintenance once you’ve reached your weight loss goals. So, you could see that your ice cream sundae might mean and extra walk around the block, for example.

3500 calories are in a pound, if you reduce your calories by 3500 calories a week, you’ll lose a pound. If you burn 3500 calories, you can lose a pound via exercise. Remember that good calories are better for you than bad but that you can lose weight by managing your caloric intake. By watching what you eat and by being mindful of the quantity you consume, you’ll be well on your way to meeting your weight loss goals.

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