Benefits Of Pilates

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates is a great exercise for a lot of reasons. Read on to find out why you might want to take up Pilates for health and wellness, and for great improvements in your body.. there are quite a few benefits of Pilates! This conditioning set of exercises, designed by Joseph Pilates, is great for strength and toning, especially in your abdominals, your back, and your legs and it does have some cardiovascular benefits as well, particularly due to the controlled breathing during the exercises.

Benefits Of PilatesOne of the great benefits of Pilates is that you can do an effective routine in about 20 minutes and you can do it just about anywhere. If you’ve got a space of about three to four metres, you can lie down and benefit from Pilates. Pilates can be done with and without equipment. Equipment can include resistance bands, blocks, and a Pilates apparatus table but beginners and even experts can benefit from doing Pilates without any equipment. There are several versions of some of the popular exercises, enabling practitioners to vary their intensity level.

People who do Pilates regularly begin to find a dramatic increase in their core strength and balance abilities. Several Pilates exercises focus on core strength specifically and for the most part, all the exercises will benefit the mid-section to some degree. Other exercises provide the benefit of giving you long and lean muscles — great for the legs and the arms!

Important elements of Pilates include: breathing, concentration, and control. Focusing on the area you are working on is important and Joseph Pilates firmly believed in the control aspect of the exercise for mind and body connectivity. With the stomach, you focus on that part of your body and control your movements with your belly button sucked in as far as you can go. You should count to five as you breathe in and five as you breathe out. Breathing out happens on the hard part. This focus can make the effort actually easier for you as you focus on the breathing rather than any negative impact such as burning or tiredness and lack of strength. Slow, controlled and focused movements will help you master and maximise all the benefits of Pilates.

A stronger core or powerhouse (as Joseph Pilates called it) will benefit your health in many ways, including posture and helping with strengthening of your back. Benefits of Pilates can be seen after just a few sessions and again, there are many Pilates exercises with varying intensity levels keeping you from growing bored with the exercises.

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