Raw Food Diet Recipes

There are some substantial benefits to a raw food diet. But, to succeed with this diet, whether temporarily or on an ongoing basis, you will need to find some great raw food diet recipes. There are some interesting and creative ways to follow a raw food diet. Recipes can increase your chances of finding satiety with this sort of diet plan. Here are a few suggestions:

Raw Food Diet RecipesAdd Variety To Your Salads

Salads are probably the best part of a raw food diet. Recipes for salads are in abundance. Add variety and colour to your salad, eat a big volume of it if it’s serving as a meal, and look for salad-friendly raw protein sources, such as seeds and nuts. Shop your local farmer’s market for great variety of organic vegetable and fruit sources.

Beverages That Double As Meals

Shakes and smoothies are great for raw food enthusiasts. You’ll find ways of pureeing raw food into shakes, smoothies, and cold soups.

Here are a few raw food diet recipes you may want to try, to make up a meal:

Raw Food Shakes And SmoothiesSalad Example:

Broccoli & Cranberries Salad: Mix broccoli florets with a handful of dried cranberries and slivered almonds and cashews. If desired, mix with a little dressing made of fruit juice and organic apple cider vinegar.


You can make a delicious and nutritious shake by juicing some juice and then mixing with a banana or two as well as your favourite fruits and blend until thick.

Cold Soup:

You can make a lot of different raw soups, such as a creamy carrot soup. Wonder how you’ll get raw carrots to taste creamy? Mix raw carrot juice and pureed avocado, and garnish with some parsley.


Blend bananas, vanilla, honey, and a few almonds and it can become the consistency of banana nut pudding.

You’ll be surprised when you delve into the world of raw food diet recipes just how many options there are. And there are additional sources of raw food that you might also enjoy, such as sushi. Whether you are interested in doing it for a week or transitioning to a complete raw food diet, recipes are abundantly available online and offer you a great opportunity to experiment and develop your own.

Raw food diets can benefit your digestive system, your skin, and your overall health and wellness. Cooking many foods eliminates enzymes and forces your body to work harder at digestion. Even increasing your diet to include more raw food more often would be a good thing. And if you’re up for doing the radical thing and trying to go 100% raw food only, you’ll find that there is an abundance of information out there, helping you find a variety of fun and creative raw food diet recipes to try.

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