Low Fat Diet Plan – Pros and Cons

You’ll find low fat diet plan options out there that help you lower your fat intake through low fat and fat free foods. But is a low fat diet plan your best option for weight loss? Read on for some pros and cons of a low fat diet plan.

Low Fat Diet PlanLow Fat Diet Plan Pros

Low fat diet plan foods tend to have lower calories than fat laden foods. If you’re counting calories to lose weight, you’ll find that low fat foods allow you to have more of a particular food, increasing your satiety level and helping you get to the next meal.

Beyond lower calorie counts, less fat is better for your body. This is better for your heart.

Low Fat Diet Plan Cons

The biggest con of a low fat diet plan is the belief that if you don’t eat fat, you won’t gain weight. If you eat a lot of sugar, for instance, and you don’t burn it off through exercise, it will cause weight gain. Many junk foods are a bit deceiving to dieters who read labels and see a zero fat content.

Some fat is needed by the body. Cutting out fat entirely probably isn’t good for your health overall. So what’s the answer? Here are some tips:

  • Opt for good fats wherever possible. Fish, olive oil, avocados.. these contain good fat.
  • Count calories but make calories count. Look at nutritive value more than numbers.
  • Calculate your percentage of each area. What percentage of your low fat diet plan includes carbohydrates, protein, and fat? Chances are that you’re eating too much fat, too many carbs, and not enough protein. Try tipping the scales in a better direction.

Some people opt for low fat diet plans that are portion controlled. Some food plans provide you with prepared meals, which can make it easier for you to lose weight because you don’t have to think about what to eat. There are pros and cons with this way of dieting. Yes, it can work but it’s important to learn how to identify low fat diet plan and high yield nutritional foods on your own so that when the diet plan is over, you’ll be able to make healthy choices without having to rely on packaged foods.

However you choose to approach your diet, whether choosing a low fat diet plan or choosing a low carb plan, or something else altogether, learning as much about nutrition as possible will serve you well in your diet efforts and in terms of your overall health and wellness.. and longevity, too!

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