Love Handle Exercises

If you are wanting to get rid of your love handles, it can certainly be done by implementing a great exercise regimen. Here are some simple and effective love handle exercises to add into your exercise repertoire.


Add walking, running, cycling, aerobics exercises, and so on. The best way to burn fat is to do cardio on a regular basis.


Love Handle ExercisesVarious Pilates love handle exercises exist. Several Pilates moves can be great for love handles to work the obliques and tone your muscles, resulting in making your sides look better and smaller (and less like a muffin top!).

One simple but effective love handles Pilates exercise involves sitting on the floor with your feet wide apart and doing a seated twist. Hold your arms straight out at your sides with palms down and slowly twist as far as you can one way so that your one arm moves to your front and then twist slowly the other way, too so that the other arm moves to the front. You’ll feel the twisting motion in your sides.


Regular crunches do good things for your abs but some crunches are especially helpful for love handles. Elbow to knee crunches are great love handle exercises and they work the obliques. You can use a stability ball for many love handle exercises, too.

Side Bends

Side bridge bends can be an effective love handles exercise but are difficult on their own. Using a stability ball makes it a bit easier.

Tip: Use hand weights while doing side bends to help with the intensity of the love handles exercises.


Swimming is an invigorating workout that works great for the whole body. Laps can work well, the side stroke as well and many people find that aqua fit classes help them tone up all over.

Leg Flutters

This exercise involves a sort-of dry land swimming and involves lying on your tummy and lifting your arms and legs up off the floor. This helps strengthen your stomach and your back and can help you eliminate excess fat around your midsection.

Weight Lifting

It might sound like weight lifting builds muscles in your arms more than anything, but strength training exercises can do great things for your whole body and is a great way to burn fat anywhere and everywhere you’ve got extra.. such as those stubborn love handles.

Consider counting calories and ensuring that you work out regularly and you’ll lose inches all over. Love handle exercises can help as that midsection might be stubborn. Do your best to eliminate stress, reduce salt, and increase your water intake and you will enhance results.

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