Kettlebell Workout Routines

Kettlebell Workout Routines

Interested in kettlebell workout routines? Kettlebells are great for helping you to burn fat, gain muscle, and gain strength in your arms, back, abs area, and in your legs. They can provide great results and fast.. motivating people due to seeing great results.

The kettlebell is a cast iron weight with a handle on it and you can purchase kettlebells in various sizes ranging from under 2 kg to 79 kgs. A one “pood” (the common measurement term) kettle bell is 16 kg. There are a number of kettlebell workout routines that you can use to help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals and many exercises help you with multiple body parts.

Kettlebell Workout RoutinesKettlebell Workout Routines

For abdominals, windmill and figure eight exercises are popular. Windmill exercises provide great results for the obliques. The windmill exercise is done in both clockwise and counter clockwise directions and is done with one hand. In a figure eight, you pass the kettlebell through your legs doing a figure eight motion. Flatten your back and extend your buttocks during this exercise.

For the chest, a one arm kettlebell floor press is one of the chest exercises that helps work your chest and your triceps. Lying on your back, you raise the kettlebell toward the ceiling, pushing your body into the floor for the sake of stability.

For shoulders, kettlebell workout routines are plentiful and you won’t get bored due to the variety of workout routines you’ll find. The Russian kettlebell jerk workout routine, for example, includes using two kettlebells, resting them on your shoulders, and a jerking motion to get the balls above your head. It’s advantageous to look up videos for the best possible stance to minimise injury and ensure effectiveness and ease.

You’ll find many books and videos dedicated to kettlebell workout routines for men and / or for women. It’s smart to start off with lower sized bells and increase as you become well versed in the exercise routines.

Kettlebell Workout Routines – Tips

If dealing with heavier kettleballs, it is a good idea to have a spotter. Always be sure you’re holding the kettlebell carefully when doing kettlebell workout routines. Many people suggest that you wear gloves when kettlebell training and there are some models with adjustable kettlebells.

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