Green Tea For Weight Loss

Green Tea for Weight Loss

There are several ways that people use green tea for weight loss. Green tea consumption can help people boost their metabolism and has a plethora of other benefits as well. It continually gains recognition in the health and wellness community as well as the weight loss products community.

Green Tea For Weight LossThe Chinese have used green tea for thousands of years as a health elixir and a staple in their daily diets. It lowers the chance of several types of Cancers, lowers cholesterol, lowers the risk of heart disease, plus provides other benefits as well. It has polyphenols and catechins and it can help with medical problems such as arthritic pain.

Many people who take green tea also find that they don’t get sick as often, suggesting it substantially boosts the immune system and lowers the effect of allergies for many as well as positively affects the complexion.

Swap Green Tea for Coffee

Drinking green tea instead of coffee is a great start. Many who make this swap start to see noticeable weight loss quickly. Green tea also has a lot less caffeine than coffee so is a great evening drink alternative for those who enjoy hot and caffeinated beverages. For those who prefer cold drinks you can find green tea in iced tea products as well as in ginger ale and juices.

Take Green Tea Extract

Many weight loss products now contain green tea extract. You can take green tea supplements or find weight loss supplements that contain green tea among other items that are showing great success for fat burning and thermogenesis. It’s not always easy to drink several cups of green tea a day and for some, it’s an acquired taste so a supplement could be the best way to see the value of green tea for weight loss as you can get the right amount without effort.

There is a wide variety of different green tea available. You can buy tea bags and you can buy loose green tea. And of course, there are many supplements and powders on the market for ingestion. Green tea is even being included in beauty products for its anti-aging / antioxidant properties .

Using green tea for weight loss alone probably won’t show you major results if you have a lot of weight to lose. But it could contribute to overall weight loss and it has so many other health benefits that it makes sense to add it to your diet.

Another great tea for weight loss is white tea. All teas are botanical and green and white tea have the fewest processing, preserving the great ingredients that are so good for overall health and also for weight loss.

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