Aerobic Dance – Great Fun While Burning Calories

Aerobic Dance – Great Fun While Burning Calories

How often have you gone dancing on a Friday or Saturday night and danced the night away? When dancing, you’re burning a lot of calories! Have you watched some of the celebrity dancing shows? Many larger people wind up being svelte by the time there’s a finale. The thing is, aerobic dancing is effective but it has a big distinction from some other cardiovascular exercises in that it is so much fun.. that it doesn’t really feel like exercising.

Aerobic dance is a great exercise for people who love music and for any music lover that loves to dance but dislikes exercise. (Hint: If you love to dance, you actually do love exercise; you just don’t know it! You might just need to not call it exercise).

Aerobic DanceTips For Aerobic Dance Workouts

  • Wear good shoes. Aerobic dance workouts are very foot intensive and injuries can occur by wearing the wrong shoes. Good aerobic shoes will give you the stability you need, minimising the risk of falling and they will help cushion impact, making it more comfortable to dance.
  • Stretch. Warm ups and cool downs will help prevent aches and strains. You may still feel a bit sore, especially after your first few workouts as you will work out muscles that have been sedentary but the right stretching will help lower the injuries and ensure that you can recover from them sooner.
  • Hydrate. Aerobic dance can be intense. Make sure you’re well-hydrated throughout your workout.
  • Listen to your body for cues that you need a rest and listen to them, especially if you feel short of breath or lightheaded at any point in time.
  • Progress. If you feel ready to take on more challenging routines, by all means you should look for a more advanced option for aerobic dance.

You can burn hundreds of calories per hour doing aerobic dance and have fun while doing it. Consider joining a class. If you’re self-conscious, consider joining with a friend. You can also find great aerobic dance videos, too.

Tip – If you can’t find a class or can’t find time to get to aerobic dance classes and want something a bit less stringent than an exercise video, buy dancercise video games, known as gamercise. There are several on the market (Just Dance, Dance Central, etc) for various game consoles that can help you burn calories while aerobic dancing in a video game. When you do this, you’ll often feel much less self-conscious about making mistakes in the dance moves,too.

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