Fat Burning Workouts

Fat Burning Workouts – Maximise the Fat Burn

Not all workouts have the same fat blasting potential. Fat burning workouts allow you to burn more fat in less time. Read on for some suggested fat burning workouts that will help you to get the most out of your exercise routine, particularly in regards to losing some of that problematic fat.


Rebounding, or jumping on a trampoline, burns more calories than many other cardiovascular workouts with less effort and less impact on the joints. It also helps cleanse the lymphatic system, which promotes health and wellness and boosts your immune system.

Weight Lifting

Fat Burning Workouts - Weight Lifting

Weight lifting doesn’t just burn fat fast but it keeps burning after the workout is done, too. Even though you’re at rest, your body will continue to expend calories. Weight training helps you build muscle as you burn fat, which will result in your looking better and better as time passes.

People who lose weight with weight lifting often report faster size and scale drops as well as lack of loose skin. Weight lifting helps you tighten, tone, strengthen, and drop inches.

Resistance Training

Resistance training, such as with resistance bands, can be a great fat burning workout.

Interval Training

Training in fast bursts and then slower bursts can help you increase your fat burning potential. You might alternate between running and walking, sprinting and jogging, etc. There are some great interval training workouts to try.

Hot Yoga

Hot yoga involves a workout in a very hot room. This can have great calorie blasting effects. Be sure to say well hydrated and if you’re a beginner, make sure you tell the instructor.

Boot Camp Style Workouts

Boot camp often combines drills and interval training with strength training exercises and makes for great fat burning results.

Fat Burning Workouts - AerobicsAerobics Classes

Aerobics classes can be very effective as fat burning workouts. Combining high energy cardio workouts in an upbeat setting can work out really well for those who want to lose weight fast.


Don’t underestimate the power of cycling in a spin class, running on a treadmill, or doing a combo of the two with an elliptical machine. Doing an hour of cardio several times a week will definitely contribute to weight loss. The key to burning fat in your workouts is to vary your routine and to push the envelope past your comfort zone.

There are a number of fat burning workouts. Trying them, in conjunction with better eating, can help you burn fat fast, reduce your jeans size, and feel better about the way that you look, too.

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