Treadmill Workout Tips

Treadmill Workout Tips

A treadmill workout can be a really great way to improve your health and help you lose weight fast, too. Here are some tips for varying your treadmill workout for maximum results and minimal boredom.

Some people say that running or walking on a treadmill is a boring workout. But it doesn’t have to be boring at all. In fact, if you do other things while on the treadmill, your workout won’t even really feel like a rigorous workout and you’ll rack up the calories burnt / distance walked. Engaging your brain in other activities while walking at a brisk pace could be a great way to multitask and make time and the calories fly.

Maximum Results – Minimum Boredom

  • Treadmill WorkoutListen to music – Out loud or on your earphones, music can help the time go by faster and can help you quicken your pace. Many people find that while on a treadmill workout, they’re feeling like they’re ready to be done and suddenly a favourite song comes on and they muster the strength do to another 5-10 minutes.
  • Watch TV  – Watching television shows or a movie while doing a treadmill workout can make time go by faster. Instead of focusing on what you’re doing you’ll be focusing on what’s happening on the screen.
  • Read a book – Reading is a great way to pass the time while on a treadmill and by limiting reading a gripping novel to just when you’re on the treadmill, you’ll increase the chances of getting on the treadmill more often and for longer periods of time.
  • Play a video game – Playing a video game is another way to do a treadmill workout without focusing on the workout. Playing handheld games or even connecting your gaming console in the room with your treadmill can work great. Some people play computer games or do web surfing, too, putting their notebook on a treadmill desk.

Beyond keeping busy while on the treadmill, vary your workout routine. Most people don’t take full advantage of the features of their treadmill for their workouts. Read your manual and find out how to set the programs so that your treadmill varies your routine for you. This is a treadmill workout tip that is sure to help keep things challenging. And don’t rely on a treadmill workout alone for all of your fitness needs. Vary your activities and include strength training a few times a week, too.

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