Swimming For Weight Loss

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While swimming for weight loss isn’t as popular as some other weight loss exercises, it can be a really effective way to lose weight and get healthy. But not everyone who swims loses weight. Read on for some info and tips regarding swimming for weight loss:

It’s Good for Your Heart and Lungs

Swimming offers excellent cardiovascular benefits. It’s going to help you with balance, strength, muscle tone, and it even helps people get a better night’s sleep.

It Works Multiple Muscles

There are a variety of swimming exercises to help you work multiple muscle groups. You don’t have to spend all your time doing laps, either.

It’s Easier on Your Muscles

While you are working your whole body you are doing a lower impact exercise that’s going to burn calories but it’s not going to be as hard on your body as a land based workout. It can be especially useful for people who have joint problems.

It’s Fun

Swimming offers a fun way to work out and cool off in the hot weather and indoor pools offer a great way to stay active in cooler weather. There are some great aqua fit classes, too, that help you rev up efforts in swimming for weight loss. Many people have trouble sticking to a rigorous gym based exercise routine but a lot of people don’t need much coaxing to get them to go for a swim.

A Caution About Swimming for Weight Loss

Some studies point to swimming for weight loss being less effective than other exercise regimens. Some articles online point to the potential of people swimming in colder water having a more voracious appetite after a session, leading to weight gain. Keep in mind that while swimming is very healthy for your body over all, it’s not necessarily the absolute best way to lose weight. If you want to do swimming for weight loss, consider using it as part of a diverse exercise regimen. You’ll also want to also watch your caloric intake. You should consider integrating other activities into your routine as well, including walking and resistance training exercises, too.

After a swim, consider taking a sauna and drinking a warm beverage to help your core temperature increase, which can calm down the hunger. If you can swim in a heated pool, this can help as well as wearing a swim cap, which can help keep your head warmer.

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