Diet and Nutrition

The Importance Of Combining Diet and Nutrition

Dieting and nutrition need to go hand in hand for optimum weight loss results. Sure, thin is nice but healthy and thin is even better. Far too many people go on restrictive crash diets that result in temporary results, at best and negative results for their health, at worst. Read on for information to help you execute a diet and nutrition plan that will improve your chances of success..

Make Calories Count

Diet and NutritionSome people simply try, on their diet, to eat the fewest number of calories possible, believing that weight loss is only a matter of simple math. Calorie intake does have an impact on your diet and math does factor in but the wrong approach won’t do you any favours. Not only is this not a great idea, it could be counterproductive.

If you don’t supply what your body needs you feel lousy and in addition to feeling lousy, your body will go into hoard mode and your metabolism will slow way down. This won’t result in quick weight loss and if you fall off the low calorie ‘wagon’ your body will retain more calories than ever, believing it needs to hold those calories due to the recent shortage of food it has received.


Beyond getting an adequate number of calories, your body needs an adequate amount of nutrition. The right mix of nutrition will help you endure lower caloric intake and provide you with energy and willpower. Look for the best bang for your buck with calories and choose diet foods that encompass a lot of nutritive value.

When it comes to diet and nutrition, the key to diet success is to go on a diet that encompasses nutrition and satiety as well. This can help you achieve short term and longer term goals. You need the right blend of nutrients that satisfies you. This will help you achieve your goals for your diet and nutrition, will satiate your body and reduce cravings for unhealthy food naturally.


In terms of diet and nutrition, variety should be a factor as well. If you go on a grapefruit diet, for instance, not only is this less than ideal from a nutritional perspective but the lack of variety will hurt you by leaving a nutritional deficit and be difficult to achieve from a willpower perspective. A diet that encompasses nutrition and healthy variety is easier to stay the course with.

Diet and Nutrition Tip – Consider Calorie Shifting

In addition to a diet with nutrition and variety, try shifting calories. Some days you could have a higher calorie count than others, particularly after following a low calorie diet for several weeks consecutively. This can keep your metabolism working hard.

Never sacrifice nutrition in a diet. You’ll find a variety of low calorie high nutrition weight loss foods if you take the time to look for them and plan for your meals.

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