What Is Wellness

What is Wellness to You?

What is wellness? It means different things for different people but in general terms, it is defined as being in good mental and physical health. Wellness, for many people, isn’t about just not being sick. It’s also about being in a state of good overall health while actively working at improving health and longevity. Wellness typically refers to holistic health — a whole health approach.

What Is Wellness

What is wellness to you might not be the same as what wellness is for others. We’ve all got varied health concerns based on our lifestyles today and based on family history and other factors. Beyond being well today, wellness is about what will help you stay that way and ward of degenerative diseases in the future, too. If you know your family is at increased risk for Cancer, Heart Disease, and other diseases, there are things you can do to increase your chances of staying healthy. As you explore and embrace the question, what is wellness, you’ll find areas that will appeal to you.

How Do You Embrace Wellness?

Wellness is about what makes you feel well, be well, and preventing illness. It’s most often considered to be a holistic approach to health. Instead of just treating problems as they arise, you work proactively to be healthy throughout your body.

What Is A Wellness Approach You Should Consider?

Consider quitting the things that are harming your health, increasing your physical fitness, reducing stress, and embracing a healthful mindset.

  • Quit smoking, recreational drugs, and limit alcohol use.
  • Eat healthy foods that help with hunger, nutrition, and vibrancy. Eat foods that help you feel well as well as boost your overall health. Consider detoxifying your body and working to remove toxins in your environment.
  • Exercise. A combination of exercises can help you feel wellness. What is a good exercise regimen? One that will burn calories, build strength, and energise you.

Get to an ideal weight range. Don’t focus on the pants size as much as the body mass index. The body mass index for your height will vary so you have some room and don’t have to be a size 0 but getting within a healthy BMI range will improve your wellness levels significantly.

What wellness is, for many, is maximising your own potential for feeling good and living a long life. It involves lifestyle changes, mindset changes, and being as vibrant as you can be. You’ll find many books and countless bits of information about health and wellness that can help you improve and optimise every facet of your life.

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