Weight Training For Women

Why Weight Training for Women is a Good Idea

A lot of women shy away from weight training. For women, for the most part, the idea of big muscles on themselves is a turn off. But nearly 99% of women who take on weight training will not get big and bulky. Weight training for women is a great way to burn fat fast and to help you get a lean and toned body.

Weight Training For WomenWomen simply don’t have the ability to bulk up as easily as men. For one thing, women don’t have the level of testosterone needed to generate bulk. And it takes a lot of weight training for women or men to get bulky muscles. The average workout can be very useful in terms of losing weight, building strength, and toning the body.

Another reason many women shy away from weight training is that it sounds like extremely hard work. Most women associate this sort of strength with males and can’t imagine lifting a large dumbbell. But despite how hard it looks, you don’t have to start at bench pressing or at lifting large weights. Even starting with a few pounds in hand weights can make a difference to you in terms of pounds and inches lost.

Women who do weight training for weight loss also find that they lose weight more gracefully than those who do not. Weight training and a good diet can reduce the chances of your having excessive amounts of loose skin after weight loss as well as having the benefit of giving you extra calorie allotments due to all the fat you’ll be burning with weight training.

Weight Training For Women – Tips

  • Take a day off in between weight training sessions. Your body needs time to recover.
  • Start with about 3 days of training a week. After several weeks, increase the weight and the reps.
  • Resistance bands are great, too. You can find resistance bands at many online sites and retail stores as well as a part of some weight training equipment that helps you target different parts of your body.
  • You don’t have to invest heavily in weights at the start. You can start by doing bicep curls with bottles of water and then transition to cans of apple juice at first. You can also use your own weight for strength training with push ups and chin ups.
  • Get enough protein. Adequate amounts of protein can help you build more muscle.
  • Get some help. You might want to get consulting to start on a weight training regimen. There are also books and videos that can help you, as well.

Interested in weight training for women? Investigating this can help you develop a highly effective workout regimen that could help you lose weight fast and leave you feeling more confident, too.

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