Weight Management

Weight Management – Maintaining Your Ideal Weight

Congratulations if you’ve achieved your ideal weight and good job if you’re in the home stretch and are thinking about weight management after you hit the magic number you’ve been working toward.

Sadly, though, there are many stories of weight loss that end with the unfortunate fact that the dieter puts back on some of the weight, most of it, or sometimes even more weight than they lost. Something that’s vital for after you’ve hit your weight loss goals is weight management or maintenance.

Weight ManagementWeight loss can be a long and arduous road. And the sad fact is that it doesn’t end when you reach your goal. If you return to your old habits, you’ll undoubtedly gain weight. Once you’ve reached your goals, maintenance is important.

Weight Management Tips

  • Don’t binge too often. Just like you took care to manage your portions and your calories to reach your goals, you still need to do this, to a degree, to maintain your new weight. Healthier foods, whole foods, and smaller portions along with not drinking your calories will all help you maintain a healthier weight.
  • Keep on top of your weight numbers. While your weight can fluctuate by up to 5 pounds or so, anything more than that and you’ll need to straighten things out. Continue to weigh yourself regularly, such as weekly, so that the weight doesn’t creep up on you. If you start to see the scale climbing, nip it in the bud by adjusting your menu and your exercise schedule accordingly.
  • Exercise. If you have a day where you eat a bit more calories than intended, balance things by working out a bit extra. Exercise on an ongoing basis is a great weight management technique and also helps you get the toned look you want. Change up your exercises as well, especially if you feel like you’ve hit a plateau. Don’t spend all your time on cardio. Resistance training can help you burn calories and fat as well as boost your metabolism. Exercise will help you achieve the shape you want.
  • If you fall off the wagon, don’t be afraid that this means you’ve got to ruin everything. Some people are so dismayed at a weight gain that they stop living their new healthier lifestyle altogether. A little setback doesn’t have to mean the end of the road for the slimmer you.

Weight management doesn’t need to be difficult, pay attention to your body and your overall eating and fitness habits you’ll have a better chance of keeping your new weight.

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