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Weight Loss Workout Ideas for Busy People

It’s proven that weight loss is easier and faster when you work out. But what weight loss workout is right for you? If you’re a busy person, you want to get the most out of your workouts. You might not always have 90 minutes for a workout but you can still get great weight loss results out of whatever workouts you do. Read on for some tips and some weight loss workout ideas:

Treadmill Desk

Weight Loss WorkoutMany companies are now using treadmill desks for their staff to use occasionally. You can set up a laptop or do a conference call on a treadmill and burn calories while you work.

Working at home, there are small exercise cycles that can fit at your desk as well as contraptions that you can use to pedal while sitting in your office chair. Exercising while at your desk could be a great way to burn calories without having to stop what you’re doing.


There are other deskercise ideas as well. Sitting on a big stability ball instead of a chair for a few hours each day could help you tone your midsection. You’ll be engaging your core muscles to keep yourself stable.

Maximise your Lunch Hour

Walking during your lunch break at work or after dinner in the evening will help you burn calories. Consider wearing weights to intensify workouts. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, too. Check and see if there’s a gym near your office. You could get some morning, lunch time, and after work workouts in easier if you schedule them into your day. Perhaps you can find a work mate who will join in and you can motivate one another.

Strategic Multitasking

You can also get other workout equipment that can be used while watching television. If you’ve got a favourite show that’s 30 or 60 minutes, make it a habit to do the treadmill, your Pilates, or some resistance training while watching your show.


Rebounding, jumping on a mini trampoline, can burn a lot of calories a lot faster than via regular cardio. And it reduces the impact on your joints, which can help you work out easier than, say, running on the spot. Rebounding works great while watching TV, for instance.


A swim is a good full body workout and just a twenty minute swim can add up to great muscle toning and inches lost. You can also find aqua fit classes, too.

Do Something You Enjoy

Take a class. Learn to dance. Take up a team sport. You don’t need an hour or two a day to lose weight via working out and exercise doesn’t have to be treacherous. Regardless of how busy you are, if you try, you can find ways to incorporate a weight loss workout into your schedule a couple of times a week.

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