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Weight Loss Tips for Success

Weight loss is an ambitious but achievable goal. The more information you have, the more chances you have of succeeding. Read on for some helpful weight loss tips that can help you, whether you need to lose a little or lose a lot.

Make Realistic Goals

Weight Loss TipsIf you’re a size 20, it’s not realistic to expect to be a size 6 in a month. But that doesn’t mean that size 6 is out of your reach. Realistic goals are important. Some experts say 1 to 2 pounds per week is the logical goal to strive for. Some weight loss plans will allow for more dramatic results, though, so don’t feel like your goals are a million miles away.

Some weeks will go better than others. Some weeks you’ll lose several pounds and some weeks you may feel like you’ve stalled. If you want to succeed with weight loss and achieve your ideal weight, tips to succeed include being realistic but being goal oriented at the same time.

Measure Your Progress

Measure your progress on an ongoing basis when you’re trying to lose weight. Weight loss tips for measurements go beyond the number on the scale, though.

Measuring Your Weight Loss ProgressDon’t just judge the scale to determine whether or not your efforts are successful. You should also go by the way your clothing fits you and you should measure yourself for inches lost. Throughout your progress you’ll lose inches in your mid section, in your hips and thigh areas, in your arms and in the chest area, too.

All progress is good and over time, you will see and feel a difference in the way you look and the way you feel. Some people get great satisfaction from taking milestone photos of their profile.

Celebrate successes, even small ones. But an important weight loss tip is to make sure you don’t celebrate with things that could hamper your progress, of course.

Don’t forget, you can vary up to a few kgs or pounds of water weight each day. If you are weighing yourself daily, try to weigh yourself around the same time each day. If you feel discouraged by daily weigh ins, try weighing in weekly.

If You Fall – Get Back Up

There’s an old saying that rings true. “If at first you fail, then try try again”. One of the most important weight loss tips you will find.. is to persevere. If you accidentally overeat, don’t assume that you should just quit. Tomorrow is another day. We are only human and we will falter. Weight loss should be seen as a marathon rather than as a sprint.

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  1. I’m a size small and extra small in clothing, but I still look at myself to be fat and have an un toned body.
    I do pole dancing just for the weight loss side of things.
    At first when I started I noticed weight loss and starting to get toned. But after while I’m not seeing anymore improvement no matter how hard I try to loose the weight or tone my body up. Any tips? .

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