Weight Loss Tips For Women

Weight Loss Tips for Women

Men and women aren’t always the same in terms of weight loss. Men often seem to lose weight quicker than women. If you’re a woman and you want to lose weight.. here are a few simple, yet effective weight loss tips for women.

Diet and Workout with a Friend

Weight Loss Tips For WomenIt’s true to fact that women can accomplish a lot.. and women can accomplish even more when more than one woman works together. A weight loss buddy can be an accountability partner, someone to gripe with, someone to share successes with, and someone to encourage and work out with.

Women who partner up for weight loss and share tips with one another have a greater chance of success.

Join a Women’s Only Gym

If you are going to exercise as part of your weight loss effort, a weight loss tip for women who are conscientious is to use a woman’s only gym. If you’re worried about feeling self conscious, this is a great way to feel better about exercising in front of others.

Set Goals Based on You

Another of the great weight loss tips for women is to lose weight based on a woman’s needs. Women and men’s needs differ so if you’re working at losing weight with your significant other of the opposite sex , you may not have the same dietary or nutritional needs as he does. Men need more calories than women. Hormones are different and that can impact the amount of weight you lose as well.

Don’t be dismayed if you’ve only lost 1 kg and he has lost 3. Women often have to work harder to lose weight versus men, especially after the age of thirty. He may need a larger portion than you and you may need to train slightly harder than he does for the same results.

Weight Loss Tips for Women – Strength and Resistance

Strength and Resistance TrainingMen tend to gain muscle faster than women due to their body make up. Many women use cardio alone for their exercise whereas men often take to lifting weights. This may be another reason why a man is more prone to losing weight faster than a woman.

Women can add strength and resistance training to their workouts for faster results. A lot of women fear bulking up but unless you train like a weight lifter, your chances of quickly building big biceps is slim to none. Resistance bands, hand weights, and other strength training exercises could help you burn fat faster and tone up nicely.

There are great weight loss tips for women that can help you quickly reach your goals for weight loss and the body you’ve been working toward. Take advice with a grain of salt, use common sense, and when in doubt talk to your doctor or personal trainer for solid advice about weight loss.

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  1. Wholeheartedly agree with working out with a friend. Not only you can motivate each other, but the exercises, and the weight loss process itself won’t seem so tedious and time flies when you’re having fun AND losing weight at the same time.

    You’ll end up wondering how you got so slim and how did all those months of exercises fly by.

    Skin Vitality weight loss adviser

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