Warm Up Exercises Are Vitally Important Regardless of Your Fitness Level

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Are you aware of the importance of warm up exercises? Lack of a proper warm up exercises is a main reason for many workout injuries. Don’t be so hasty in going from static to fluid in your workout. It’s not wise to go from zero to 100 and go from sitting to running. A build-up is much better for you for a number of reasons. Read on for more information and some suggestions for warm up exercises as well as for cool down exercises after your workout is done.Running Training

Why Warm Up?

Warming up exercises are designed to help you loosen up your body and they can help to prepare your body for rigorous activities, ensuring minimal pain and damage. This is even important if you’re an avid exerciser and doesn’t just apply to beginners. Not doing warm up exercises could lead to more pain after a workout and longer time to heal and recover.

Here are some ideas for warm up exercises:

• Stretches – Rolling your shoulders, rolling your head, stretching arms, and reaching with all your limbs, one at a time, can help you make many of your muscles much more receptive to exercise. You’ll find it easier to get going with your workout and you’ll find recovery much easier, too.

• Marching – Marching in place is a good way to get everything loosened up and warm up your muscles, too. Some people do quick jogging on the spot or jumping rope as well.

• Walking on the treadmill, riding a stationary bike at a moderate pace, and using an elliptical machine for 20 minutes before strength training could all be good warm up exercises.

• Yoga could be a great pre-workout workout with many benefits.

You don’t have to stretch and do warm up exercises for half an hour before working out but a few minutes of stretching could make big difference in performance, endurance, and recovery.

Cool Down Exercises

After your workout, don’t forget to cool down. Cool down exercises are about as important as warm up exercises. They help your muscles relax and lower the chances of feeling faint by suddenly stopping, such as with running. Stretching and moving at a slow pace for 3-5 minutes is a good idea.

Warm muscles perform better and a gradual cool down. You’ll find a lot of warm up exercise routines online as well as cool down suggestions, too.

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