Running For Weight Loss

Take Up Running for Weight Loss and Better Health

Do you wish you had the body of a runner? Running for weight loss is a highly effective way to lose weight fast. Runners are often healthier than most people and develop long and lean muscles. But running for weight loss isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to get into.

Running For Weight LossHow do you become a runner, especially if you find running difficult right now?

Start Off Slow

Walking, then speed walking, then jogging or running for weight loss could be a good progression for you. You can’t break into a run the first day you exercise without feeling like you’re going to pass out. A short run the first day, a break the next day to help your muscles recover, and then continue increasing your distance over time.

You might train with a treadmill, by running outdoors, or with a combination of both methods. Whatever the case, running for weight loss can bring about great and rapid results.

Tips: Make sure you get well hydrated for your runs, bring water with you, and get the right gear. Good shoes are essential. It’s also nice to have extras, such as a heart monitor (not a necessity), and you can even integrate your shoes with your smartphone (Nike, for instance, has an integrated iPhone app for runners).

Run With A Friend

If you’re running for weight loss and you can find someone to buddy up with, at least some of the time, this is a great thing. You can plan to run together and complain about the aches and pains together. And you can compare your weight loss results together.

You might even opt to eventually train for and then run a 5k together. New runners can often train in 3 months to be able to run their first 5k run.

Running TrainingJoin A Running Clinic Or Hire A Trainer

There are running clinics that provide you with great information and training that can help you progress and maximise your results. Consider looking for a local running clinic or trainer.

Regardless of which type of running for weight loss you take up, it’s going to be a bit of an uphill climb. But if you get informed and you stick with it, running can be one of the best ways to lose weight you’ll find. Once you reach your weight loss goals with running, continued weight management can be much simpler (even with some room for the occasional splurge).

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  1. Running for Weight loss can be really helpful if you want to lose weight. I often tell people to jog everyday and I guess runing is just a faster form of jogging.

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