Quick Weight Loss Tips

5 Quick Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss requires a long term commitment for maximum success but there’s no denying the fact that quick weight loss results can be highly motivating for people. And some people simply just need to lose a quick five or ten pounds to help them look and feel better.

Read on for some handy weight loss tips to help you drop a few pounds quickly. Not all of the quick weight loss tips below will be right for everyone.. so use caution and don’t hesitate to have any of these suggestions cleared with your physician before attempting them.

1. Colon Cleansing

By purchasing a colon cleanser that requires a cleansing over a several day period, you can lose up to five pounds. Note: don’t simply use laxatives as they’re highly unsafe and should never be used for weight loss. Special colon cleansing products can be highly beneficial health wise and could help with a number of things, such as improving energy levels, could boost your immune system, and can make you feel less bloated.

2. Meal Replacements

Quick Weight Loss Tips

If you follow a meal replacement plan, you could also lose several pounds in a week. Many people will take these for quick weight loss over a 1-2 week period. Plans vary, depending on the supplement, but often involve meal replacement shakes or bars twice a day and then a sensible evening meal.

3. Konjac Root

Konjac root is something that can help you feel full so you eat less. It’s a fibre that’s also said to help stabilise blood sugar. There are Konjac root supplements on the market. Many testimonials report double digit weight loss within a month’s time. Note: In general, increasing your fibre intake can be helpful to weight loss efforts.

4. Master Cleanse or Similar Fasting

The Master Cleanse diet is a combination of fasting and colon cleansing that will often result in up to 20 pounds of weight loss over less than two weeks. This is a difficult diet to follow but many have reported good results for quick weight loss and detoxifying benefits.

5. Do a Fad Diet

Such as the Cabbage Soup Diet or the Special K Cereal diet. Both require you to eat specified foods for a period of time. The low calories can result in quick weight loss. These diets aren’t generally sustainable and some critics say they’re not very healthy so be careful doing any fad diet.

Most of the ideas here are good as quick weight loss tips but won’t be sustainable for a long period of time so learn all you can about various weight loss methods so that you can find the right plan for your longer term weight loss goals.

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