Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips

Have you recently had a baby? The baby weight might take a bit of time and effort to get off. Read on for some post pregnancy weight loss tips that can help you get your old body back.. sooner rather than later!

  • Post Pregnancy Weight LossBreastfeeding helps burn calories and many women who breastfeed find post pregnancy weight loss easier. You might hold onto the weight for the first four to six months after baby is born, because your body tends to hold a ‘reserve’ when you’re lactating that can help you ensure you’ve got the ability to make milk but after baby begins the moves to solids along with nursing, you’ll start to see the weight loss. Breastfeeding burns about 500 calories a day. It takes a LOT of exercise to burn that much so doing breastfeeding in addition to exercise could be helpful.
  • Join the gym. Many gyms offer child care and some trainers offer special post pregnancy weight loss regimens that help you focus on getting your pre baby body back. If they don’t, try to get some help so you can get to the gym. The time to yourself will do you some good and the exercise will help you get your pre-baby body back.
  • Reduce Food PortionsReduce your portions. Many of us have no problem getting accustomed to eating for two. It takes some effort to get back to eating for one. Try to eat smaller portions more often and give up some of the comfort foods you gave yourself permission to indulge in while you were pregnant. It’s not easy when you’re a busy Mom but do your best to make your calories count. Note: If you are still breastfeeding, you will have a bit more leeway with your calories than if you’re not because lactating women need more calories.
  • Get out daily with the baby. Walk with the stroller or purchase a jogging stroller. A daily outing will do both of you some good.
  • Take a class. There are great classes that help you burn a lot of calories quickly, such as Zumba (a great post pregnancy weight loss exercise),which can be a high energy and fun way to melt the weight off.
  • Invest in home workout equipment. Jump on the treadmill during baby’s nap or do some gamercizing on a Wii Fit, PlayStation Move, or XBOX Kinect. You can burn calories in a fun and easy way. Grab these weight loss workout ideas!

It took nine months to gain all that weight and post pregnancy weight loss can take a bit of time. Don’t dismay if you can’t fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans straight away, just take one step at a time and you’ll be a yummy Mummy.

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