Motivation to Lose Weight

What is Your Motivation to Lose Weight?

Motivation can make a difference to the longevity of your weight loss. Any form of motivation can get you started, but the right type of motivation can improve your chances of sustainable success. Here are some tips to help you stay motivated..

Short Term Motivation to Lose Weight

Your short term motivation to lose weight might be to go to a reunion, to drop a few sizes before your wedding day or your daughter or son’s wedding day. You might want to look better in a bikini this summer or for a holiday. Yes, short term motivation can help you get started but it’s not necessarily the absolute best mindset for long term weight loss goals. Why?

Some people fall off the wagon after the event is over and revert to poor dietary habits. They wait until the next big motivator for them to jump back on the weight loss band wagon. The yo-yo dieting isn’t healthy for the body and it’s also not healthy for the mind.

Motivation to Lose WeightLong Term Motivation to Lose Weight

If you look at longer term goals for your weight loss and relate it to overall health and longevity, you stand a greater chance of achieving your ideal weight and staying at that weight after you’ve achieved it.

Instead of saying “I just need to stop eating the junk food for the next six weeks” or “I will only join the gym for the 30 day trial and then I won’t have to keep exercising”, those who look at permanent lifestyle changes have a better chance. Don’t think to just give up fast food for a month because as soon as that month is over, you’re liable to binge eat and undo all your progress.

Instead, find replacements for those cravings and understand that improving your eating habits is better for all facets of your health. When you do go to your favourite fast food joint – once in a while – find better items on the menu, such as a children’s size burger and fries or a grilled chicken on whole wheat, rather than chicken on a white bun with dollops of mayo.

Ways to Increase and Sustain Your Motivation

It’s not always easy to keep the motivation to lose weight going. Here are some tips:

  • Find a buddy to lose weight with. This helps you both stay motivated and keeps you both accountable.
  • Keep a weight loss journal. You might even opt for one of the many online weight loss journals. Seeing your progress over time can be very motivational.
  • Take baby steps. Make a list of short term and long term goals and reward yourself for every milestone you achieve. Make each reward better than the last to keep you focused.

Motivation makes a big difference. If you’re doing well on your weight loss journey, what gives you motivation to lose weight and keep it off? Please share in the comments below!

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