Low Cholesterol Recipes

Creating Low Cholesterol Recipes With Flavour

If you need to start to watch your cholesterol, you might think that foods with flavour are now off limits to you. Not so. When you need to watch your cholesterol it’s wise to eat food prepared with low cholesterol recipes and to eat cholesterol lowering foods, too.

Low cholesterol recipes typically include several low cholesterol or cholesterol-free foods as well as preparation that doesn’t involve foods that are known for increasing cholesterol.

Tip 1

Anyone on a low cholesterol diet should use condiments sparingly. Many of these are a big culprit for producing high cholesterol levels.

Tip 2

Low Cholesterol RecipesIntegrate these cholesterol lowering foods into your recipes..

  • Garlic provides a plethora of health benefits. You can feel good about using garlic.
  • While avocados are high in fat, they are a great food for those fighting cholesterol.
  • Using orange juice as a glaze on food as well as drinking orange juice and eating oranges is good for your cholesterol levels.
  • Oatmeal and Cheerios or another oat cereal can both help you lower your cholesterol and make for a great breakfast, especially when paired with fruit.
  • Add nuts into your cooking and have it as a snack. Walnuts and almonds are both great choices for fighting cholesterol.
  • Soy is good for cholesterol levels.
  • Eat more beans and other fibre-laden foods.

Tip 3

Cook according to advice for fighting and lowering bad cholesterol levels. Here are some tips for low cholesterol recipes..

  • Steamed VegetablesLook for alternatives to deep frying and frying in general. Experiment with cholesterol-friendly ways to cook your favourite foods. Steaming vegetables isn’t just a way to prevent bad cholesterol from frying or drenching it in butter. It’s also said to be a way to help lower cholesterol levels by changing the way your body processes the food, resulting in lower LDL levels.
  • Use whole grain bread in your recipes instead of white bread.
  • Switch to skim milk and low fat cheese. Use cheese sparingly in your recipes.
  • Don’t use cream in your recipes (or your coffee). Try using low fat or fat-free milk instead. Skip the full fat sour cream on your potato and try different toppings instead (you can get creative with potato toppings, such as by making a lean turkey chili, for instance.
  • Eat red meat less often. Try experimenting with recipes that use other meat, such as turkey or chicken.
  • Use plant oils, such as olive oil instead of butter for your cooking. Use all oils and fats sparingly.

When you switch to low cholesterol recipes, you’ll find that a bit of experimenting with spice can go a long way in adding flavour to your dishes. Yes, you might not be frying those vegetables in butter but some fresh herbs and lemon juice can add loads of flavour. When you begin to transition to healthier low cholesterol recipes you’ll soon find that you stop craving so many fatty foods.

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