Adding Low Calorie Foods To Your Diet

Do you know how many calories you’re consuming every day? Those who track their calorie intake and make efforts to eat more low calorie foods have a greater chance of reaching their weight loss goals and of maintaining their weight once they reach those goals. It’s not all about portion control and exercise. It’s also about calorie control.

Eating lower calorie foods can help you fill up and lower your chances of eating the wrong things as well as can make it easier for you to stay within your desired calorie range.

Read the Label

Before you eat something, read the label to see if it is a low calorie food. Look closely at the serving size as well as at the calorie count. Before long, you’ll get to know which foods are low calorie foods.

Low Calorie FoodsLook for Alternatives

Do you love sour cream on your potato? Why not try light or fat free? The same goes for other condiments and for anything you eat that has an alternative. These lower calorie foods will add up to lower calories overall for you. Measure your portions as well so you don’t make the mistake of using extra just because you’re opting for the lower calorie option.

Your Plate

Portion your plate with vegetables as half the plate. Vegetables are low calorie foods so you can eat more of them to fill your body, increase your nutrient intake, and reduce the calorie count of your meal overall. Choose a lean piece of protein and a small fist-sized portion of carbs. Most people make their vegetables the smallest portion on the plate but increasing them is a great way to lose weight.

Water Intake

Are you looking for low calorie beverage options so you don’t wind up consuming several hundred calories a day in liquid? Choose water. It has zero fat, zero carbs and zero calories. It will help your overall health and help you reach your weight loss goals.

Eat Low Calorie Snack Foods

It’s not realistic to cut out snacks altogether. Snacking on the right foods can actually help you reach your health and weight loss goals. Not all low calorie foods taste like health food. Here are some low calorie snack food suggestions to help keep you full between meals without sabotaging your weight loss or nutrition goals.

  • Baby carrots, cucumbers, radishes, and grape tomatoes. Dip in low fat dressing.
  • Fruits. If you like, make a low fat dip by mixing some orange juice with a little bit of fat free sour cream and fat free vanilla pudding.
  • Berries
  • Rice cakes. There are some flavoured options that make a great potato chip substitute.
  • Laughing Cow or cottage cheese.
  • Jell-O
  • Frozen grapes
  • Air-popped popcorn

Tip: Try to keep snacks to under 200 calories.

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