Low Calorie Desserts

Low Calorie Desserts For Weight Loss

Low calorie desserts can help you stay on track with your diet. By eating low calorie desserts, you’ll feed your urge for a treat without sabotaging your dieting by overeating. Eating plenty of variety in your diet can help keep you interested. Be sure that you look forward to your meals at least somewhat.

While you’re probably trying to think of food as fuel rather than eating for pleasure, having food that you enjoy will help keep you on track. Dessert is something we are programmed to enjoy. It’s a treat. It’s something that signifies family, fun, joy, celebrations. The wrong dessert after dinner can undo your hard work all day long. Don’t skip it, though; just choose something that’s a bit more figure friendly. Here are some simple low calorie desserts ideas..

Low Calorie DessertsFruit

Fruit is known as nature’s candy. A bowl of fruit, as in a fruit salad or fruit cocktail, can be very satisfying as options for low calorie desserts with variety. A fruit smoothie can be filling and remind you of a milkshake. Fruit and yogurt dip can feel decadent.

You can even melt just a little bit of dark chocolate and dip a few strawberries for a great treat that delivers a heavenly experience for the taste buds. You could also bake some apples with a bit of brown sugar and cinnamon on them (go easy on the sugar). It’s like apple pie without the crust.

Tweaked Baking Recipes

When you bake a boxed cake mix you can often see cholesterol or calorie lowering tips that could include: reducing eggs, using water instead of milk, using apple sauce or some other liquid instead of butter, and reducing specific ingredients such as sugar, butter, and oil. You could, conceivably, trim a big chunk off a baking recipe if you get the right advice (Tip: don’t dabble without advice unless you’re willing to experience the occasional recipe flop!). Keep portions to a minimum with baked goods and you can enjoy them once in a while.

Yoghurt and Jelly Low Calorie DessertsYogurt

Frozen yogurt, low fat yogurt with fruit, a yogurt parfait with fruit and a bit of granola are all great low fat, healthy snacks for weight loss. Do watch sugar content, though.


Gelatin desserts aren’t too calorie laden and can be a low calorie dessert idea. You can buy light whipped topping if you want it to feel extra decadent.


Pudding can also be low calorie desserts. Making pudding with skim milk instead of full fat milk, for example, can help you trim calories. Again, portion control is important. You might also opt for a low fat pudding pop for a sweet treat that takes a while to eat (resulting in keeping you satisfied longer).

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