Interval Training Workouts – Burn Fat and Boost Metabolism

Interval Training Workouts – Burn Fat and Boost Metabolism

Do you want to burn fat and lose weight as fast as possible? Interval training workouts can be great way to do it, especially if you can only devote limited amounts of time to exercise. It’s a great way to boost your metabolism and improve your body’s endurance levels due to the intense production of lactic acid during interval training while reducing the time needed to recover between workouts.

Interval Training WorkoutsWhat Is Interval Training?

Interval training requires bursts of activity in between periods of rest. If you can imagine running, then walking, then running, then walking, you’re imagining interval training. Workouts can vary with a variety of activities and a great thing about interval training workouts is that it’s easy to mix things up, avoiding the plateau that so many people get with repetitive workout regimens.

If you choose to use a personal trainer, they will write your programs for you and may also get involved with your workout sessions. You can also find downloadable interval training workouts online on sites such as you indicate the type of equipment you have access to and the system will generate suggested workouts. You can also write workouts based on gathering information. A few good examples of interval training workouts are listed below.

Interval Training Workouts – Examples

Note: It’s important to start every workout routine with a warm up period and to end every workout with cooling down stretches. It typically goes without saying but is worth repeating — hydration is also imperative!

  • Use a stationary bike for interval training workouts. Consider 1 minute of fast peddling and then 5 minutes of slow to moderate peddling.
  • Alternate between jogging and running fast. (Tip: use a timer two minutes at a time).
  • Try high intensity interval training workouts to build endurance but do this after you’ve spent some time becoming physically fit. High intensity interval training workouts aren’t ideal for beginners.
  • Experiment with various interval training workouts to keep things interesting. Some options to try could include stair climbing, cycling, walking, boot camp style workouts, speed drills, and plyometric training.

Varying your interval training workouts will not only increase your metabolism and help you burn fat while building endurance but it will keep things interesting as well.

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