Inner Thigh Exercises

Inner Thigh Exercises

A lot of people, especially women, look for inner thigh exercises as it seems that those inner thighs are an area that seems to take weight on easily. Here are some inner thigh exercises to add in to your exercise regimen.

1. Squeeze an exercise ball between your thighs. Remember the Suzanne Somers ThighMaster? It helped you with a contraption that you squeezed with thigh muscles. You can do this with a small stability ball. Do it sitting or lying down and you’ll exercise those thigh muscles. If you’re doing it lying down and do a back bridge / pelvic thrust and you’ll get even more benefits.Inner Thigh Exercises

2. Cycling. Cycling can be great for leg exercises and can help you tone your legs from top to bottom.

3. Strength training. Strength training can help you burn fat all over. Consider getting a consultation from a trainer for any weight lifting regimen so you can ensure that you learn to do the exercises correctly, minimising risk of injury.

4. Aerobics. Aerobics exercises and other cardio work does great for helping you burn calories and burn fat.

5. Pilates and Yoga. Both of these exercises help you build long and lean muscles. They don’t provide the same fat burning power as more robust cardio exercises but they definitely help. Leg lifts are a great Pilates exercise for your core and your legs.

6. Side lunges can help you focus on thighs. Slide one leg out while bending the knee for the other leg. Slowly return to a standing position. Do this a few times and then alternate.

Can You Spot Reduce?

Some women say they’d like to simply remove some of the fat from their upper inner thighs. Exercises help with your overall body and despite the fact that these exercises are good for you, spot reduction isn’t something you should focus too much effort on. An overall approach to cardio and strength training will give you better results.

As you lose weight, your muscles can be more well-defined with inner thigh exercises, resulting in toned legs rather than just thinner legs. Cardio and weight loss will help, too. Cutting calories can help you lose weight and cardio can help you burn fat all over. Don’t spend too much time focusing on just one area of your body because you think you need to target it alone as your overall exercise efforts can help pay off in terms of helping you lose inches wherever there is excess fat.

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