How To Tone Your Thighs

Want to know how to tone your thighs? Thighs are one of those areas of the body that seem to stubbornly hang onto excess unwanted mass. Here are some tips to help you tone up your thighs..

Count Your Steps

Are you walking regularly? Set a daily goal that is progressive so you can increase your walking. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk at your lunch hour, take the dog for a walk, etc. If you can walk daily for 30+ minutes you’ll soon see a difference in your thighs. It’s especially helpful if you can hike with mixed terrain, such as a bit of uphill walking and downhill walking, too.


Take a spin class, buy a stationary bike, or ride your bike outdoors. This is a great leg toning exercise that will show up in your thighs.

Join A Gym

How To Tone Your ThighsJoin a gym and talk to a trainer who can set up an exercise regimen that focuses on areas you want to reduce. Any trainer will tell you it’s almost impossible to spot reduce but if there is an area that’s giving you a particularly hard time, chances are that a fitness trainer will have good ideas to change up your routine enough to jump start results.

As you get fitter and healthier, you will start to see a difference in stubborn places such as your thighs and belly. There are some great machines in a gym that help you use weights and resistance that will help you in your quest for finding ways to get fitter and for learning how to tone your thighs.


Stretching exercises, such as Yoga and Pilates are both very helpful for those of you who want to know how to tone your thighs. And Yoga is easy to do just about anywhere. Yoga can help tone the body all over and improve your balance and stability, making you better able to succeed at your thigh toning efforts. Many people who take up Yoga comment that it’s also a great stress reliever.

Squats And Lunges

Squats and lunges are ideal for those wanting to know how to tone thighs. Do these exercises regularly.

Whichever exercises you choose to help you focus on things, don’t forget to track your progress. It’s not just the number on the bathroom scale that will tell you that you are doing a good job of getting in better shape; use a measuring tape, too, and see how many inches you are around the thighs. Measure weekly and you’ll start to see progress. Remember, just like it’s not only about the scale number, it’s also not only about inches lost, too. It’s also about toning and improving the shape of your thighs, too. It will happen if you keep at it and you’ll see great results with your overall shape.

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