Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

It’s not logical, nor does it sound very appetizing, to give up snacks altogether. Snacking can help you lose weight – if you choose the right foods. Plenty of small meals can help you boost your metabolism and eating small snacks between meals can help you eat less at mealtime.

Read on for some ideas for some healthy snacks for weight loss ..

Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss Ideas

  • Vegetables. You can eat vegetables in an unlimited quantity. You may get bloated if you overdo it and of course you shouldn’t put toppings on them or eat fattening dips, but a bowl full of crunchy raw veggies could help you get through to the next meal, guilt-free.
  • Healthy Snacks For Weight LossFruit. Fruit is nature’s candy. A bowl of fruit is a whole lot healthier than many other sweets.
  • Frozen yogurt. Substitute frozen yogurt for ice cream. Do be careful with portions so you don’t eat as calories in your frozen yogurt as you’d have eaten with a small bowl of ice cream, though! Opt for frozen yogurt that contains fruit, rather than chocolate or caramel.
  • Nuts. Nuts are great for snacking. They are calorie heavy but they’re also protein packed. A small handful is a good idea and can satisfy you between meals.
  • Whole wheat snacks. A few whole wheat crackers with fat free cheese or a half a lean protein sandwich on whole wheat bread could be a satisfying, wholesome and low calorie snack.
  • Pick popcorn or pretzels instead of potato chips.
  • If you crave chocolate, try a chocolate popsicle at about 100 calories instead of a 300 calorie chocolate bar. While a chocolate popsicle isn’t exactly a healthy snack, it can be a lower calorie way to treat yourself to something chocolatey.
  • Smoothies are very filling. You can make a nutritious smoothie for a snack and it could fill you up and satisfy your cravings. Smoothies can taste like a healthy milkshake or fruit sorbet. Simply mix fruit with milk, fruit juice, or yogurt.

Snacking Tips

  • Count the calories. Be careful about simply noshing on something from a big bowl. Measure out a serving instead.
  • Put some snacks in your bag. A granola bar, bag of carrot sticks, or a banana can help you make better choices between meals when you’re on the go.
  • Think of food as fuel and it’ll help you make better choices.

How Many Snacks?

Reduce Cravings With Water

If you’re not hungry, don’t force yourself to snack between meals. But most people crave something between lunch and dinner and again late in the evening.

By eating a small snack between meals you could lower your appetite during meal time. If you eat a snack and are tempted for more, try drinking a large glass of water. Quite often, a perceived hunger craving is really thirst.

Each snack should be limited to 150 – 200 calories or less to help you reach weight loss goals and be sure that you add your snacks to your daily calorie intake goals.

Replace what you’re currently snacking on with the above healthy snacks for weight loss and you’re sure to see some great results!

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