10 Healthy Snack Ideas for Nighttime Snacking

Do you struggle with staying on track for weight loss and healthy eating goals at nighttime? This tends to be the most dangerous time of day from an eating perspective. Here are 10 healthy snack ideas that can help you feel good about your choice and some will still feel like you’re getting a “treat”.

1. Trail Mix

Healthy Snack IdeasTrail mix can be a high satiety snack and is one of the popular healthy snack ideas. Be careful as it can be high calorie, too, if you’re not careful. Making homemade trail mix can help you choose the right combination and in the right quantities while giving you control over sugar content.

This type of snack is great for people who like to “pick” at a snack. Measure portions out so you don’t find that you’ve consumed 800 calories while watching your favourite TV show.

2. Fruit and Dip

A variety of fruit on a platter can be appetizing to the eyes and great from a nutritional standpoint. Fruit can be filling and it’s satisfying. Choose low fat dips (if using dip at all), such as a yogurt dip.

3. Fudge Pops

A fudge popsicle can be a satisfying sweet tooth cure for the chocoholic and it’s only about 100 calories a pop. It’s not the healthiest of healthy snack ideas but it’s a great option over a chocolate bar or bowl of chocolate ice cream.

4. Frozen Yogurt with Fruit

Fro-yo is a one of the great healthy snack ideas when it comes to substitutions for ice cream. But do watch portion control and be aware that some frozen yogurt has a pretty high sugar content. Consider adding a handful of berries to up the fibre and nutritional content and help you feel satisfied with a reasonable portion.Veggies and Dip

5. Veggies and Dip

Raw veggies can help you cure the craving for crunch. A bowl of radishes with a bit of sea salt is a much better choice than a bag of chips, of course. A plate of peppers, carrots cucumbers, broccoli, and cauliflower with a low cal dip (don’t overdo the dip!) could be a great TV snack for the whole family.

6. Popcorn

Popcorn gives you the option for a large volume of food without a lot of calories. Do be careful about overdoing it with cheese or buttered popcorn as it can be calorie-laden and full of fat. You can buy 100-calorie bags, for instance.

7. 100 Calorie Packs

100 calorie snack packs have pros and cons. They don’t get you eating the right food as these are often cookies or other naughty snacks but do offer a limited portion of something that can be indulgent. Use them sparingly.

8. Smoothies

A fruit smoothie is a filling and deliciously healthy way to cure a nighttime sweet tooth! Mix your choice of fruit and skim milk with a banana and you’ve got a great healthy snack for weight loss. You can add probiotic yogurt or green powder for a nutritional punch, too.

9. Cereal and Cereal Bars

Cereal is a healthy snack idea that’s low cal and high nutrition. Opt for choices with high fibre content to really satisfy.

10. Frozen Berries

A bowl of frozen grapes, berries, or cherries can help the sweet tooth for movie night.

Healthy snack ideas should encompass flavour and health in order to help you feel satisfied. A few of the above ideas weren’t the healthiest snack options but the occasional indulgence will feel like a “cheat” but won’t have the same impact as some of the common nighttime snacks.

Tip: Ignore the commercials! If you can skip through them you’re less likely to see something tempting that causes you to reach for an unhealthy snack.

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