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As a dieter, do you look at health and nutrition as a part of your diet plan? If you do, you’ll have a greater chance of success. Many “career” dieters (people who go on and off diets for years at a time) don’t pay enough attention to health and nutrition. If you change your mind set about dieting to one that involves eating the healthiest and most nutritious food you can, you could start to finally succeed.

Learn as much as you can about health and nutrition in addition to fundamental dieting and weight loss principles and you’ll start to see a difference in your body’s ability to cope.

Is Yours a Health and Nutrition Mind Set?

Health and NutritionInstead of a dieting journey, why not go on a health and nutrition journey? If you do, the weight loss will come naturally and be easier to achieve. Many dieters make the mistake of continually looking for the miracle cure to weight loss and counting success in terms of kgs or inches lost per week. What many neglect to do is to look at what their body actually needs. There are foods that can satisfy you and provide you with the right health and nutrition so that your body naturally changes.

Changes could include burning fat instead of storing it, digesting food at a faster pace, and giving you energy and a feeling of overall wellness instead of plaguing you with junk food cravings and feelings of sluggishness.

Meeting the right health and nutrition requirements won’t just help you be a healthier person but they’ll also help you change your bad eating habits and will enable you to be better able to interpret your cravings. If your body isn’t craving nutrition because it’s getting enough of it, it is less likely to plague you with cravings that your body doesn’t know how to decipher. Those cravings could get misunderstood for junk food cravings.

  • People who are thirsty may not realise their body needs a glass of water so they drink calorie and sugar laden sodas or reach for a snack instead.
  • People who crave crunch often reach for a bag of salty snacks. Your body could satisfy that craving with healthy snacks, like a bowl of raw vegetables and low fat dip or a meal sized salad.
  • People who listen to their body’s needs for health and nutrition often stop craving sweets and often stop overeating because they listen to their body’s cues that it is satisfied after one adequate sized portion.
  • People who embrace health and nutrition will have fewer instances of needing to stress eat or reward themselves with food.

Once you start to get in tune with your body’s desire for health and nutrition and fill that need with the right food, your outlook on food will change and you’ll find it easier to get to your target weight. Becoming a health and nutrition savvy person can help you naturally transition from a career dieter to someone who eats well and reaps the visible (size-related) and invisible (wellness and longevity) rewards.

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