Gym Workout Routines For Women

Gym Workout Routines For Women

Weight loss is often the chosen goal in regards to gym workout routines for women. However, did you know that many women gravitate to cardio options such as the treadmill, elliptical machine or various exercise classes, not realising that weight training is an excellent addition to losing weight?

Adding resistance to your fitness plan not only helps burn fat just like cardio, it also strengthens your bones as well as tone muscles. There is a reason why gyms offer a number of resistance machines and free weights to its members for use.

Gym Workout Routines For Women - Warm UpCardio is a Good Warm-up and Exercise Routine

It is never a good idea to jump into your fitness routine without warming up your body. Cardio exercises are an excellent way to wake up the muscles without risking injury. Swimming, biking on the stationary bicycles and walking or jogging on the treadmill are great cardio options as are aerobic classes, a session on the elliptical or even boxing classes.

Cardio exercises should also be incorporated into gym workout routines for women as they offer great fat burning properties. A 30 to 45 minute session at the target heart rate for your body will jumpstart your body’s metabolism and burn fat optimally.

Take Advantage of the Resistance Machines

While cardio will kickstart fat burning, weight training for women is essential to tone muscles and strengthen bones. There are machines that will work large muscle groups just as there are machines that isolate single muscles. Some machines use a cable pulley system that uses your own body weight for resistance while others require that you adjust weights for resistance.

Fitness PlanBuilding a fitness plan is essential for realising successful results. While you can create your own plan with some research, a personal trainer can help devise a workout routine too. The best gym exercise plan will require that you have at least two or three cardio days to rev up your metabolism to burn fat as well as alternating days for weight training, working on specific large muscle groups, although not on consecutive days.

For instance, one day you might warm up with cardio and then work out your upper body and abdominals. The next day would be strictly cardio with the following day starting with a cardio warm-up again along with a lower body workout along with abdominals.

Before investing in a gym membership, think hard about your ultimate fitness goals. What you are trying to achieve will help you form the best gym workout routines for women. And one final thought – cardio and weight training alone will not help you achieve your fitness goals. You must also eat a balanced, healthy diet plan too. Exercise is not a free pass to eat what you want.

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