Find Out Your Ideal Weight

Find Out Your Ideal Weight

A lot of people get fixated on a target weight, and this can sometimes be unrealistic and unhealthy when not considering their height, frame, gender or age. It is important to set yourself realistic goals for your own body shape / type. Weight loss and Wellness is about looking and feeling your best. Here are a couple of tools to use to find out where you should be setting your targets.

Remember that these are generalized indications to assist in finding your healthy weight range. When determining your healthy weight range, you must also consider the condition your body is in. Are you eating and exercising correctly to ensure a Healthy Heart , Mind & Body? There are lots of important things to consider when accessing your ultimate healthy target… lets start here…

BMI (Body Mass Index) – Using Height & Weight

Body Mass Index, or BMI, is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult and men and women.

Work out your own BMI to find your healthy weight range. Simply measure your height (in cm) and weight (in kilos).

General summary of weight-status based on BMI.

Weight Status based on BMI

BMI Calculator
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The BMI reading is not an indication of your fat percentage, it is only based on weight and height , therefore assumes extra weight is fat. This is not an accurate measure for high muscle mass individuals such as athletes, should not be used for children and can vary between certain ethnic groups. It is ideal to use a BMI calculation in conjunction with weight chart using your height and frame…

Weight Chart – Using Height & Frame

Weight Chart using Height and Frame

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