Fasting To Lose Weight

Is Fasting To Lose Weight A Good Idea?

There are many ways to lose weight. Is fasting to lose weight wise? Some supporters of fasting recommend intermittent fasting as a great way to lose weight. Some feel it’s not such a great way to lose weight. Read on for some things to consider if you are planning on attempting to fast.

Fasting Benefits

Fasting To Lose WeightIt’s often said that fasting can give your system a much-needed break. This can help to reset your metabolism as well as help you rid your body of toxins. Fasting, if done, should be deliberate and controlled with a specific plan. This means that you should do it when you’re in the right physical and mental state.

Preparing by doing this when you’re healthy and feeling well, and when you have consumed a good mix of vitamins and nutrients beforehand can be important. Read up on fasting pros and cons before trying, so you’re well aware of tips and cautions.

Types Of Fasting To Lose Weight

Some people do a 24 hour fast with absolutely no food or water. Most experts recommend drinking water during a fasting period. Some will do a juice fast. There’s also a popular fasting to lose weight diet called the Master Cleanse diet, which involves fasting, but drinking home prepared lemonade with cayenne pepper and maple syrup.

The Master Cleanse diet (also referred to as the Lemonade Diet and even the Beyonce Knowles diet) also has a colon cleansing component and during the diet people take laxatives to facilitate the cleansing process. Some say that this is a crash diet and potentially harmful but that it does produce some quick weight loss results with some losing up to 20 pounds in the week to ten day period.

How Long Should You Fast?

How long and how often to fast is debatable. Some people do an intermittent one day fast. Some who do juice fasting will do it for 2-3 days. More drastic fasts, such as the Master Cleanse last a week to ten days. Your body needs sustenance. Starvation diets are not the same as fasts.. as the fast, if done right, is a controlled period under specific circumstances.

Fasting Cautions

If you are thinking about trying a fasting to lose weight diet, be careful. If you have any qualms about it, consider talking to your doctor. Read up on the pros and cons of fasting and be educated about your choices before embarking on a fast. And, be careful. Most people who attempt fasting are careful about exerting energy during the fasting period as you can feel faint and ill, especially if you’ve never tried fasting in the past and don’t know how it will impact you.

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