Exercise To Lose Weight

Should You Exercise to Lose Weight?

It is possible to lose weight without exercise, however, if you exercise, you will lose weight faster, you’ll look better, and believe it or not – you’ll feel better, too. Exercising isn’t easy. At first it’s a lot of work, but exercise will accelerate your results and will help you see a faster difference not only in the number on the scale but in how your clothing fits you as well.

If you’re undertaking a weight loss diet plan, you’ll want to come up with a realistic plan for the best outcome possible. There are many options for exercise to lose weight and the best approach is probably a varied one.

Exercise Tips To Lose Weight

  • Exercise To Lose WeightMix it up. The same exercise to lose weight won’t work forever. Your body will hit a plateau. A good rule of thumb is to switch exercises around and tweak your workout plan every six to eight weeks.
  • Alternate. If you do strength training today, take a break tomorrow from it and do just cardio instead.
  • Don’t be afraid of strength training. Some women believe that they need to do cardio as exercise to lose weight because they’re afraid of accumulating mass. On the contrary, strength training can help women in terms of becoming long and lean. You’d have to train very hard core to develop a body builder’s body.
  • Give your muscles a break. You don’t have to train 7 days a week and your muscles will benefit from a day of rest after an intense workout.
  • Eat enough. Starvation diets aren’t the best way to lose weight long term and exercising burns calories and fat. The right blend of carbs, protein and calories can make a difference. Don’t overeat when exercising, though, or you may find that you simply maintain the weight you’re at now (or continue to gain weight).
  • Don’t measure success by the scale alone. Muscle weighs more than fat. Measure your chest, waist, thighs, etc. This will give you a better picture of how successful your weight loss exercises are.

Again, no, you don’t absolutely have to exercise to lose weight but if you do exercise, you’ll lose weight fast, you’ll gain more energy, you’ll sleep better, your junk food cravings will diminish, and you’ll look better as you shrink toward your goal weight.

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