Tips For An Effective Exercise Bike Workout

129 exercise bike workout

Want an effective exercise bike workout? Here are some tips for you.

Pick a Good Exercise Bike

There are quite a few different exercise bikes on the market. You’ll find inexpensive mini bikes and larger and more expensive bikes as well as recumbent bikes. Look at product reviews of exercise bikes to help you choose a good one. Look at models that show you distance travelled, calories burned, and if possible, one that measures your heart rate, too.

Use it Regularly

Many people buy an exercise bike with the goal of regularly doing exercise bike workout routines but the bike winds up sitting in a corner, collecting dust or being used as a clothes horse. Consider whether you’re really going to use it or not. If you aren’t sure that you are, consider buying an alternate piece of workout equipment or better yet – join a gym so you’ll have access to a wide variety of exercise equipment. If you think you’ll use it 2-3 times a week, it could be a good investment

Track Your Progress

Setting goals is a good way to make sure you get the most out of y our exercise bike workout routines. Consider keeping a running total of the amount of calories burned and / or the amount of distance travelled on your workouts. Most models will provide you with a display that tells you these things. If you make it a goal to increase calories burnt or distance travelled weekly, you could see and feel great results from your exercise bike workouts.

Tips to Stay Interested

It can get boring to sit on a stationary bike and stare at the same wall. Make sure you vary your routine to keep your exercise bike workout interesting:

• Move the bike. Move it in front of a window, in front of a tv, etc. You might even want to move it in front of your computer so you can do other things while you exercise on the bike.

• Take it outside. If you can have an indoor exercise bike for workouts and buy a bicycle to do outdoor workouts, even better.

• Take a spin class. Exercise bike workouts in spin classes mimic outdoor conditions and add a great deal of intensity to exercise bike workouts. This could be a good start before you invest in a stationary bike for your home, too.

• Mix it up. If every single workout involves a stationary bike, you’ll have a greater chance of getting bored. Find alternate cardio exercises to blend in with your exercise bike workouts. Consider walking, running, swimming, and aerobics classes, too. Adding strength training to your regimen is a smart idea, too.

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