Exercise Ball Workouts

Exercise Ball Workouts to Try

An exercise ball is a versatile and inexpensive piece of workout equipment. It’s great for toning and sculpting your body and there are a variety of exercise ball workouts to try. Here are some that will be very beneficial for you..

Working Out With Exercise BallsUse it as a Chair

Sitting on your exercise ball, at your desk, will help you continually balance and this will strengthen your core muscles. After a while you won’t be concentrating on your effort but you’ll still be engaging muscles as you go about your day. Using an exercise ball as a chair for a few hours a day is a great idea.

Glutes Workout

Put the exercise ball against the small of your back and let it rest against a wall. Do slow squats, being careful to keep the ball firmly at your lower back. After several reps, try doing this with one foot off the ground and alternate.


Exercise ball workouts offer great ways to do crunches. If you lay your back on the ball, using a wall to put your feet and knees (if needed for stability) against and then lean back and do crunches, you’ll feel the effects.

Exercise Ball WorkoutsGreat Leg Workouts

Lie on the floor and try a variety of leg workouts. You can dig your heels into the top of the ball and do back arches or bridges. You can also put the ball between your ankles, put your feet up in the air, and squeeze the ball tight.

Push Ups

Lying with your stomach on the exercise ball and with your palms on the floor is a great way to do push-ups. The closer to your feet the ball its, the more intense the workout, making this a great progressive exercise. Ball workouts can start with the ball at your stomach and your feet dangling in the air and progress to where you dig your toes into the ball and the rest of you is suspended forward.

Limb Extensions

Extending limbs on an alternating basis while balancing your belly on the ball can be great for hamstrings, your lower back, and your glutes.

Workouts While You Sit on the Ball

Sit on the ball and do circular hip movements for mid-section toning. Sit on the ball and lift hand weights while stabilising your core.

You’ll find a wide variety of exercise ball workouts online in list format as well as in videos. You can have several sizes for varying degrees of intensity. It can take a bit of practice to get some of these and some more advanced exercises down pat but as you continue to train you’ll start to feel a big difference in your core strength.

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