Eating Healthy To Lose Weight

Eating Healthy To Lose Weight

Will eating healthier help you lose weight? There’s a good chance that it will. The vast majority of people who eat healthy have a healthy body mass index. Portion control and exercise blended with healthy eating is a very good approach to weight loss.

Here are 7 tips for eating healthy to lose weight..

Eating Healthy To Lose Weight1. Count The Calories

If you are counting calories, you’ll have a better chance of weight loss. Being accountable for what you eat makes you stop and think about eating healthy.

2. Quality Instead Of Quantity

Make your calories actually count. A good way to do this is to track nutrition as well as caloric intake. Being nourished will reduce cravings and eating healthy to lose weight will often take time and effort at first but soon you’ll probably start craving the quality and realise just how much better eating healthy feels.

3. Cut The Condiments

A lot of healthy foods are less healthy by the time you’ve prepared them because they’ve been slathered in high calorie and low quality condiments. Use condiments sparingly. You don’t have to eat bland but find lower calorie and healthier ways to make sauces and dips.

4. Swap The Snacks

Crave crunch at night? Try raw veggies instead of potato chips. Reach for low fat frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. Grab a bowl of frozen grapes instead of chocolate chip cookies.

5. Try Healthy New Recipes

One of the challenges of eating healthy to lose weight is thinking up healthy foods. We often default to our old favourites because we don’t feel creative. Find some websites with healthy recipes. You can even join mailing lists and have them mailed to you. Try a healthy new recipe each week and it could be easier to eat healthy than you thought.

6. Be Prepared

Cook extra so you can reheat leftovers. Go to the grocery store with a well thought out list in hand. These things will contribute to being better able to avoid temptation. Don’t bring junk food into your pantry and it won’t be there to woo you away from healthy eating.

7. Brown Bag It

Bring healthy snacks with you. This is part of being prepared. A stash of low fat snacks at work, a snack or two stashed in the bag, and highly portable fresh fruit can all help you give the 3:pm chocolate bar a miss and / or avoid the box of donuts in the break room.

Yes, eating healthy to lose weight takes effort but the results can be overwhelmingly positive.

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