Diets For Quick Weight Loss

Diets for Quick Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight, you can find many options for diets for quick weight loss. Some of these diets will result in water weight loss and a temporary fix and others are a great springboard for longer term weight loss. Whether you have a lot of weight to lose or a little, starting off with some of these diets can be a good idea.

By doing diets for quick weight loss, you can get motivated for the long haul. Seeing a fast drop on the scale can be quite empowering! Here are a few diets for quick weight loss you might want to consider:

Juice Fasting Diets For Quick Weight LossJuice Fasting

Doing a fast can be rejuvenating, detoxifying, and could help you lose weight fast. By drinking plenty of juices and nothing else for a just a few days some people are able to attain quick weight loss deficits.

Get good professional advice before embarking on any type of diets for quick weight loss as it may not be right for you.

Colon Cleansing

Colon cleansers can be a way to cleanse your system and many people lose a few pounds rather quickly. Not only could you see the scale number drop but you could feel like your mid-section is flatter. Many people carry up to several pounds of fecal matter in their digestive system, explaining why they lose five or more pounds (or 2-3 kgs) within a few days when cleansing.

Cleansing can be harsh on your system and while potentially helpful for digestive problems and for a good immune system boost.. be careful. Some laxatives are potentially dangerous and habit forming and colon cleansing is not a long term weight loss solution.

Herbal Supplements

Some supplements can do great things in terms of a quick weight loss solution. There are weight loss supplements that suppress your appetite, increase your fibre intake and make you feel full, and that boost your metabolism. Shop carefully as not all are equal but herbal supplements could provide a great jump start to your weight loss efforts and there are longer term plans as well that offer substantial fast weight loss results.

Cereal Diets For Quick Weight LossCabbage Soup and Cereal Diets

The Cabbage Soup Diet or the Special K Diet both offer specified meal plans that you follow for 1 week (Cabbage Soup), or 2 weeks (Cereal). The cereal diet generally involves eating cereal twice a day and one sensible meal with fruits and vegetables in between.

The soup diet offers a catabolic soup recipe that you fill up on with selected menu items per day for a 1 week period. This, too, can offer you a jump start that results in an average of 6-7kg or 10 pounds lost in about a week (depending on your starting weight).

Meal Plans

You’ll also find meal plan diets that manage portions and calories. These weight loss diets can offer you an average of up to a kg of weight loss per week. This might not be as quick of a weight loss rate as you’d like but is considered to be a healthy range.

The best weight loss plans will help you feel well, lose weight, and will fit your lifestyle. It may take a few attempts to find the right weight loss plan for you and you might opt to start with one of the diets for quick weight loss and then transition to something more sustainable. Even if you have difficulty, don’t give up. Staying the course and being committed to reaching a healthy body weight will pay off.

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