Colon Cleanse Weight Loss

Is a Colon Cleanse an Effective Weight Loss Solution?

If you do a colon cleanse, weight loss may be a wanted side effect. But it isn’t necessarily going to help you lose a whole lot of weight as a sole solution. Once your colon is clean, you may notice up to five or ten pounds lost and some other benefits, such as reduced cravings, better digestion, and increased energy.

Colon Cleanse Weight LossColon cleansing is a great way to trim your mid-section quickly, especially if you’re feeling particularly bloated. It can help you with feelings of sluggishness. This isn’t something that should generally be done for large amounts of weight loss because frankly, it isn’t enough to do on its own. But those who do colon cleansing often notice a quick drop in weight and some other positive health benefits as well that could include a drastic reduction in junk food cravings, which can help with overall weight loss efforts.

The colon can hold a lot of compacted waste. This could equate to a few pounds or kilograms of weight loss. It stands to reason, then, that colon cleansing could equate to what looks like quick weight loss because cleansing can involve a lot of elimination in a short period of time.

Boost Your Metabolism

Removing toxins from the colon could be a great thing to do in preparation for losing weight. Not only might you see a slight drop in the number on the scale but it could also help you jump start efforts in the right direction because colon cleansing can help your metabolism receive a reset and / or restart.

When doing a colon cleanse, this is a great time to eat a clean diet. Not only will this help facilitate the removal of the bad stuff from your system and help you restart your metabolism but it’ll improve your appetite and help with reducing unhealthy food cravings, as well.

Drink Up!

It’s vital that you adequately hydrate during a cleanse. A lot of elimination can lead to dehydration, particularly if you use the wrong sort of colon cleanser. Using a straight laxative is not a good idea. It’s better to use something specifically designed for cleansing, such as an oxygen based cleanser, rather than something that causes the colon to contract, increasing the potential of discomfort and of bowel tone loss. Research your options carefully before getting started.

Many dieters will try a colon cleanse to help with weight loss and while it can be a great way to rev up your digestive system so that it can process food easier, it’s not a cure-all. A safe occasional cleanse can be helpful and can promote optimum digestion as well as improve your immune system but this strategy should be a part of an overall weight loss strategy rather than the only thing you do differently. You’ll find some great options for colon cleansing as well as info on good foods to eat during a cleanse.

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