Calories Burned While Swimming

125 calories are burned on average while swimming.

How many calories burned during swimming? That depends. The amount of calories burned on activities depends on several factors. Treading water at a vigorous speed might have double the calories burned swimming when treading water at a moderate speed, for instance. And butterfly strokes are among the most rigorous swimming exercises as well with a significant number of calories burned per hour. Casual movement in the water is going to have a minimal burn versus laps, of course.

When looking at swimming and calories burned swimming, keep in mind that calculators often denote the caloric burn in a one hour period. It’s not easy to sustain rigorous swimming activities over a one hour period so it’s not easy to base your goal on entire calories burned swimming. Some calculators will allow you to change to minutes spent on an activity and then recalculate things based on that number.

Why should you track calories burned?

If you’ve got weight loss goals, tracking calories burned swimming and doing other activities can help you reach a specific goal. Tracking calories consumed and calories burned can give you a good idea of whether or not you’re on track for your weight loss and fitness goals. Calculating things helps you be accountable.

Are You getting the right number of calories for weight loss?

Not everyone has the same metabolism. Your age, weight, and gender will have a major impact on how many calories you burn during various exercises. Men have a bigger need for calories than women and men seem to lose weight faster, too. Be sure to find out what your recommended caloric intake is so that you have a better chance of setting realistic and healthy goals.

Suggestions for maximising the results of swimming for weight loss:

Swimming isn’t necessarily the fastest way to burn calories. Some say that swimming for weight loss is less than ideal if you’re not doing other exercises, too, and not doing careful calculations on calories taken in as well. Swimming is known for increasing appetite, especially if you swim in cooler water, so it’s wise to carefully monitor what you eat to make sure that you don’t undo all the calories burnt.

• Taking an aqua fit class, doing laps, and having fun on a regular basis in the water is a great idea as part of your efforts to be fit and to lose weight or maintain weight loss you’ve achieved.
• Increase your chances of success by tracking calories burned.

Swimming can be beneficial for other aspects of your health beyond weight loss too. It can help you with muscle tone, strength, balance, and help you strengthen your heart and lungs.

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