The Benefits of Fasting

Have you wondered if the benefits of fasting outweigh the feelings of deprivation? Read on for some helpful information about the benefits of fasting as well as some various fasting tips for you, should you decide to embark on this challenge.

Benefits Of Fasting

Fasting isn’t new age. In fact, it has been used for countless generations in various cultures as a way to heal, to achieve a spiritual connection, and for prayer. It’s something that stirs up some controversy at times and it shouldn’t be done without careful consideration and research.. but read on for some helpful info.

About Fasting

Fasting involves a period of not eating. There are several types of fasts. You might do a juice fast, which allows you to consume fruit and vegetable juices. You might refrain from food altogether and simply drink water during your fasting period.

There are also short fasting periods with no food and no water. Of course, dehydration fears prevent most people from embarking on a no food / no water fast for good reason. Hydration is very important and fasting without water could be dangerous, depending on multiple factors.

Benefits of Fasting

The benefits of fasting are numerous, and include..

  • Giving your digestive system a break – This could improve digestion substantially.
  • Detoxification – Your body holds toxins in fat cells. Fasting can help you use these stores as energy.
  • Enhanced healing / boosted immune system.
  • Jump starting your metabolism – A fast may be a good way to avoid a plateau.
  • Possible increased lifespan – In many cultures where occasional fasting is done, the overall lifespan is, on average, longer than in areas where fasting is not typically practiced.

Our bodies work hard and the occasional fast could give your system a break. You could begin to detoxify. When your body’s systems get a break from digesting, they can also focus more energy on healing. Fasting is done for a number of reasons, including spiritual as well as weight loss and healing. Occasional fasting is said, by many, to have substantial health benefits.

If you’re considering fasting, it’s important that you weigh the benefits of fasting carefully against any health issues you have. If you have medical conditions or a serious disease, please speak to your doctor before attempting fasting.

There are differing opinions on how much fasting is safe and how often it can be done so do some research and be careful. There is a fine line between fasting and starvation so it’s important to be careful. Many people find fasting extremely difficult but even an occasional one day fast could do good things for your health.

Whether you’re looking at doing fasting to lose weight, body cleansing, or spiritual reasons, make sure you do further investigation before starting a fast but it could provide you with great benefits.

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